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. here's more on the life of the late george mcgovern. >> i love the united states, but i love it enough, so i want to see changes made. the american people want to believe in their government. want to believe in their country. and i'd like to be one of those that provides the kind of leadership that would help restore that kind of faith. >> reporter: george mcgovern will long be remembered as an orator for peace and the nominee for president who lost to nixon. his 22 year career in washington was marked by massive improvements for rural americans in farming and increased awareness in the devastation of world hunger. >> if you grew up in the great plains, you have to live with the philosophy next year will be better. you can't survive any other way. >> reporter: hailing from the plain state of south dakota, he was a quiet kid who found his voice in the high school debate team. his award winning speeches would serve him well when he was sworn in as united states representative in 1957. after a failed bid for the senate in 1960, he became a s
information out of him as to possible other al-qaeda operatives here in the united states. but i have no reason to believe he is night lone wolf other than the fact that during the course of the investigation, he did talk about having contacts back in bangladesh and in yemen all i believe. >> he faces charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to provide material support to al-qaeda. he was order held without bond and did not enter a plea. new york city police commissioner ray kelly says this is the 15th plot since september 11th to commit a terrorist act in new york city. each one so far thwarted by law enforcement agencies working together. >> thank you. >>> to politics now. president obama and republican nominee mitt romney will be back on stage together again tonight but this time, it's okay for them have a little fun. >> they are he keynote speakers it alfred e smith fundraiser. during election years, it often gives presidential candidates the chance to take some lighthearted jabs at each other. romney, let's get back to what he was up to. he was in
of the united states right now and still lose in the edirector recall college? >> they. there are they are spending all of their time in, quote, in play. if either one of the can indicates start going places that they have not gone before that will show definitely that president obama is in trouble. if some are some are starts hoeing up in michigan or tense. states that are considered a lock for the democrats, then he's in deep do do as george bush used to say. >> and former governor asked for more resources to pennsylvania. >> that may be. >> today president obama received the endorsement of colin powell and there was the endorsement of the washington president going to the president. in this day in age how much do the endorsements matter. >> the "washington post" does mean something in north virginia. they won by virtue of the fact that he was everyone dorsed by the "washington post." and he lives almost in the tennessee border. but that does make a difference in north virginia. colin powell endorsed president obama four years ago. if he didn't endorse him this time t
the president of the united states out into the public arena, not telling him about an attack in april and june, and, tell me about the consulate attack in benghazi, what do you think about it, and the president said i don't know and i find that inconceivable. and this is going to be a case study, studied for years of a break down of national security, and, failed presidential leadership and senior members of the obama administration, failed miserably and the benghazi, libya conflict was becoming a death trap and the british left and the red cross left, because of the deteriorating security environment and we were requesting additional security and it was denied because we wanted to normalize relationships with a nonexistent government and we should have closed the consulate long before september 11th, or heavily reinforced it and i put that on the president of the united states. this is a nation security break down, before, during and after the attacks. >> chris: we all agree the president doesn't get into the weeds and decided the security level in benghazi, but given all of these warnings, w
in getting to the bottom than the president of the united states, he feels personal responsibility for every representative he and ends around the world and he knew chris stevens, he admired chris stevens, so, look, we want to get to the bottom of it and the first order of business is to bring to justice those who committed the heinous act and, secondly, find out what went wrong and what adjustments need to be made to further secure our diplomats around the world. >> chris: let me ask you directly, does the president take personal responsibility for the fact that repeated requests for more security were made, and were rejected and that that may have contributed to the death of those four americans? does he take personal responsibility for that? >> chris, at the to say line level the president of the united states is responsible for everything that happens under his -- on his watch. these were judgments that were made by the security folks at the state department and, of course we will review that whole process and see how those decisions are made, why those decisions were made, and, how we a
the united states. natural, agriculture and urban and these are very popular for everybody because they are beautiful stamps to put on your letters, they are great for educating children and even adults because each one has a story that you can look into more deeply. and stamp collectors love them too. >> reporter: and people that like to keep the postage rate the same, they love them because they are forever stamps. and you teamed up with nasa. we're here at the goddard space center and they have a couple of them but this is the first time you've done something like this? >> yeah, the first time. we cover all aspects of the united states but this is the first time we've done it this way and i think it is the best way. >> and the best way to get these? >> go to the local post office, they are on sale or our website. >> reporter: and if you want all of them, there is the earth scapes puzzle with 500 pieces and you get all of them. a fun family activity. trust me, i've been working on it. i won't show you how far i've come. holly morris, fox 5 news. >> my dad was such a tamp collecto
be going up in the d.c. area, other countries will look at the united states and be like, why are you allowing your people to do this? i think it will cause drama. >> i think they should be allowed because of free speech, but i think it's irresponsible. >> the metro stops are bracing for protests. >>> mitt romney was in florida today. president obama was out west for his campaign. fox's john roberts has details. >> reporter: a crowd of 12,000 people greeting mitt romney. one of the biggest crowds he's seen so far. romney hit the president on the economy. >> he wants another stimulus. how did the first one work out? we've seen the last four years. we don't want four more years like the last four years. >> reporter: with a battle cry of 30 days to victory, president obama is steaming ahead to los angeles, speaking tonight at a star studded event, even though the campaign reported a mass haul of $181 million in donations for september. hollywood a listers gathering to help. >> we going to a better vision for our -- got a better vision for our country. we have a better plan for the next f
is that the courts interpreted it to omagh, ply to goods made in the united states. the question that the supreme court's wrestling with is does the for sale doctrine extend to goods made overseas? that is the challenge in this case. >> so what product, what would this mean for consumers? what is at stake here for consumers with this case? >> there this could be disruptive for courages. it -- both on the buy side and the sell side. if you go out and you purchase a bicycle, you're now going have to figure out not only if it's made overseas, but if the manufacturer of the bicycle will allow you to rehill sell it or give it away to good will or donate it to someone, and you will have to go and make the decision with each product that you buy. >> and this could be the end of yard sales? potentially? what about ebay? >> and that can affect all markets across the board. farmland markets and swap meets, flea markets, eastern market in our backyard and that can impact charity and libraries. libraries will be a non, the most month the folks who will be most disrupted by this because if you're a library wi
one from the united states is kateri tekakwitha, the first native american to be canonized. ♪ >> reporter: celebration and pride for one of them who is now a saint. >> i thought i'd never see this in my lifetime. >> it's our job to share this with the world and let them know about it. >> reporter: she is known as the lily of the mohawks and now more than three centuries after her death, the blessed kateri tekakwitha is the first native american to be canonized. >> it means everything. not only to us catholics, but also to all native people. our traditionals as well. our traditional people who never accepted the faith. >> reporter: kateri tekakwitha was born along the mohawk river in what is today up state new york. this site of a mohawk village is thought to be where she grew up. a short walk away, a spring, the village water source, where it's believed she was baptized. her face was permanently scarred from small pox at age 4 in an epidemic that claimed the lives of her parents and brother. at age 20, she chose the faith of the missionaries and chastity. persecuted for r
of the united states army has a meeting. peace corps is holding recruitment session tuesday. candidates have to be 18 years old and serve at least seven months at locations and the globe. wednesday, a forum on media digital security. they'll talk about how to protect computerized records. thursday, october 25th, at 7:00 p.m., national archives is holding a program marking the 50th anniversary of the cuban missile crisis. caroline kennedy will take part and secret white house recordings will be played. friday, at 9:00 a.m., the mid- atlantic conference returns. general colin powell is among those talking how they found solutions from their missteps and successes. check out myfoxdc.com for more and use our twitter hashtag capitol runtag. >>> in the last four years you cut permits and licenses on federal land and federal waters in half. >> not true, governor romney. >> how much did you cut them by? >> not true. >> how much have you cut them by? >> we've produced more oil -- >> no, no. how much did you cut licenses on federal waters? >> here's what we did. >> no, i had a question, and the we was
. there are tropical storm warnings for parts of the florida and the keys. if it turns towards the united states, there is a chance of flooding, heavy rain, maybe even snow along the east coast. >> sandy is still a category 2 storm. it killed two people in haiti and jamaica overnight. this is the first direct hit on jamaica since 27 years ago. 48 hour curfew to keep people off the streets and prevent lewding. >> let's go to tucker barnes. he has more on all of that. >> let's get right back to it and take a look at hurricane sandy. category 2 hurricane and looking impressive overnight. losing strength as it moved overland here. cuba overnight hours. still a category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 105 to 115 and racing off to the north at 18 miles per hour. could be a player on our forecast towards the end of the weekend. we'll watch the track for the storm carefully. could bring us rain around here as it will combine with a cold front by sunday and monday. there's the latest with hurricane sandy. let's talk local weather and another nice day shaping up for your thursday. we're mild for this
control. >> we believe that is what it would do. the congress in the united states has a final say to vote the referendum up or down and hope that they will decide to take it back. >> reporter: the plan could not only give d.c. leaders full control of the budget, but also keep federal budget issues separate. >> it would keep federal disagreements over whatever issues are unrelated to the district government that result in a threat of or actual shutdown of the district government. the federal government tries to work out the disagreements. >> reporter: on the hill, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton made progress on budget autonomy. the council continues to support the efforts but believe that it's time to try something new. >> it allows us to produce a clean bill on our own. >> reporter: congresswoman norton's office issued legal issues it might be a risk and she'll continue to work with her allies on the hill to pass a budget autonomy bill, will. >> and that is a fight you will continue to cover for us. thank you. >> uh-huh. >> a major victory for democrats. the judge blocked the voter i
former u.s. army officer, you served in the united states military. you now work in i.t. you are a supporter of president obama. this was a domestic issues debate tonight. what we didn't hear was any talk about what either one of these candidates would do in finding jobs for veterans. was this a glaring admission? we have a new generation returning to this country from war, but yet we heard no talk of how veterans were going to be provided for in jobs in this economy. >> fortunately, the president has a very clear record of supporting veterans both on the economic side and on the actual defense side. so since it was an economic debate on domestic policy, veteran job act, which the president strongly supported, which was to incentivize businesses to recruit and hire veterans who are just coming back from our wars, getting on active duty. also on the clean energy side, the president has been supporting those efforts because it has been seen that veterans are being recruited and hired in those industries as well. >> the big issues in this election this year is obviously the de
of the shellers -- sheltering and pet care at the humane society of the united states. the blood drive is only for employees of the humane society and we're raising awareness. >> exactly. >> and i'm joined, too. i'm sorry, i didn't have your names written down before. please tell me. you're micked up now? >> yes. >> you're from the blood bank? >> yes. >> okay. >> and we're located in loudoun county and service the entire united states with volunteer bloodogs. >> and can you get prescreened and all of that. good morning to you as well. >> good morning. >> and we're going get to this. and first, let me ask you, how, as a dog owner, and have been one for many years, how did i not know about this? the need was out there? was it just me being a self- centered owner or my vet not saying you think about donating blood? >> no, not at all. >> and most people are not aware of that and even the humane society of the united states, we deal with issues on a national level all of the time. >> okay. >> and most of us are not aware there that there is a desperate need. just like people, dogs when they're seri
, six days out from election day. the president of the united states, the incumbent campaigning for a second term literally suspend operations on his campaign for 48 hours. the romney campaign has been trying to do the best they can in this situation to not say anything that could be termed inconvenience or challenging. mitt romney didn't mention president obama's name at this point. the stakes that the president is dealing with now, those are strong territories for the obama campaign: delaware, new jersey, new york. the obama campaign was not worried about those states n. a political sense, mind you, but clearly anything the president is doing now, the response to this crisis is being watched by the country as a whole, and when you have president obama in his role as president right now and mitt romney kind of relegated to the sidelines right now as the republican challenger, that is an advantage for the incumbent; however, we'll have to see that on tuesday whether or not this had any affect on this at all. >> absolutely, much more on how sandy is impacting the presidential ele
. >> the president of the united states of america! [ cheering ] >> reporter: later, he addressed supporters at a nearby campaign rale, part of his 48-hour campaign frenzy. >> i ve come to florida today to does ask you for your vote. >> reporter: there-from-there, it was off to richmond, virginia, for another rally. >> are you fired up? >> yeah! >> are you ready to go? >> yeah! >> reporter: the president spent the day painting republican challenger mitt romney has someone who, because he constantly switches positions, can't be trusted. >> trust matters. you want to know whoever is in the oval office is going to fight for you. >> the next president of the united states, mitt romney! >> reporter: mitt romney spent the entire day in ohio with events in worthington, defiance, and cincinnati. >> the obama campaign is slipping because he's talking about smaller and smaller things, despite the fact that america has huge challenges. >> reporter: poll suggests that obama has a narrow lead in ohio. romney is trying to tighten the gap saying the path the president has the country on now has no new answ
the united states. having looked at your pension? mr. president, having looked at your pension? >> it is not as big as yours. [laughter] i do not check it that often. >> look at your pension. you also have investments in chinese companies. you also have investments -- >> we are way off topic, governor romney. if i could have you sit down, governor romney. >> governor romney says he was not referring to arizona. his top advisor on immigration is the guy who designed the arizona law. not e-verify, the whole thing. it is a bad policy and it will not help us grow. when we think about immigration, we have to understand, there are folks all around the world who still see america as the land of promise. they provide as energy and they provide less innovation and they start companies like intel and google and we want to encourage that. we have to make sure that we do it in a smart way and we make a legal system better. when we make this into a divisive political issue, and we to do not have bipartisan support, i can deliver, governor, a whole bunch of democrats to get comprehensive ref
also challenging each other over foreign policy. >> the president of the united states has led with a steady hand and clear vision. governor romney, the opposite. the last thing we need now is another war. >> what we he unraveling of the obama policy. >> reporter: the two sparring over the hot button issue of health care. >> obamacare takes $716 from medicine cage to spend on obamacare. >> what we did is we saved $716 billion and put it back, applied it to medicare. we cut the cost of made care. we stopped overpaying insurance companies and doctors and hospitals. >> the vice president trying to shift the momentum after mitt romney's strong showing at last week's debate. his 42-year-old rival keeps fighting back. >> i know you are under a lot of during rest to make up for lost ground but i think people will be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> reporter: that is the way it went all night long. after last night's debate, the focus turns back to the two candidates at the top of the ticket. president obama and mitt romney will have their second debate next t
skyrocketed in his time on the united states senate. on the tax side, i do believe we should let the bush tax cuts expire as planned. >> we do need a balance. there needs to be cuts made in federal spending. we need to grow the economy. i think there are a variety of things that ought to be cut and repealed and replaced is obamacare. that will save over $1 trillion. >> reporter: the two former virginia governors have been running neck and neck for 10 years. >>> one of the hottest issues on the ballot this year is question six and it is about same-sex marriage. opinions are strong even among some professional football players. >> coming up next, two mayors from the baltimore ravens with two different messages for voters. we'll be right back.  >>> people in maryland are forming clear opinions on gay marriage club some of the baltimore ravens football players. >> they have a mess am for voters. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: it is the one ballot question here some maryland most voters we've come across seem to know the most about and opinions one way or the other are pretty clear-
of the united states. >> reporter: new polls show the race is tightening. rasmussen reports has romney leading 49% to the president's 48% while politico finds romney ahead 50 to 48%. the real clear politics average of several polls puts the race at 47% for each candidate with only .1% difference. experts now say there is no room for debate mistakes. >> they are being taught that in sessions right as we speak. >> reporter: >> presidential historian steven hess of the brookings institution served in boat the nixon and even -- both the nixon and eisenhower administration. he says president obama must appear more engaged. >> he's got to work against that. that's very important for him. that's not very difficult to do. that's the easiest thing to do is not show up the way he showed up in denver. >> hess says mitt romney now faces raised expectations. >> now the shoe is on the other foot. now he's got to worry about living up to expectations and the next day's story is not just obama did better. >> and with this race so tight both campaigns are facing this send debate which could hold either promise
. >> reporter: hurricane candy now threatening the entire east kosovo of the united states. forecasters say it is expected to be a rare mix of a murk and a winter storm before possibly hitting the new york and new jersey area on tuesday. new york city's mayor says no reason to panic. >> we have opened the office emergency management situation room already and the nyc coastal storm plan was activated morning. >> reporter: officials in the northeast preparing for the storm and relying on less sops learned from last year's hurricane irene. >> you saw in irene, we didn't move a lot of people out of the seniors homes and hospitals and if necessary, we are prepared to do the same thing. >> reporter: hurricane sandy has already ripped through jamaica and cuba and now it is in the bahamas. heavy rain and strong winds damaging many homes, knocking down power lines and uprooting trees. the cuban government says more than 50,000 people evacuated before the storm made landfall. sandy also forcing officials to postpone terror-related hearings at guantanamo bay. although no deaths have been reported in c
officials say people like nafis continue to have a threat to the united states. >> no longer the attack to think of and in the context of 9/11. it's rather these individuals who come into a community like queens and they melt into this community. and they radicalized or become radicalized when they become here. >> nafis is from bangladesh and arrived in the united states last january to attend college get a business degree and he did poorly in class and stopped showing up. >>> and monitoring metro tonight and launching a new campaign and this uses the images of a september 11th attack next to verses from the kur -- quran. the vote behind the ad say they inspire jihad and the new posters are some in response to the original posters. metro has not said if or when it will run the new ads. >>> and straight ahead on the news knowledge. >> i personnel -- on the news edge. >> i'm personally am going vote for question 6 in november. >> clergy members counter the church's stance on gay marriage. many are voting for question 6 this november in maryland. and a new parking plan. cracking down on pe
the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it is 4:45 right now. the win and rain, it is still out there but not as bad as it was. >> we survived most of the big brunt of this. now, we have to deal with what's left over and rain. for more on that, let's get to tucker barnes to get an update on the weather. >> you seem so excited about it. >> well, you know, the sun is not shining. it brings me down a little bit. i don't the sun be shining ever this time of day, right? >> oh, no, tucker! >> wisdom is absolutely right. things are winding down. that doesn't mean we're quite done with the threats. there is one of the leftover bands associated with sandy there out towards annapolis and severna park and that has a pretty good rain rate to t just to the north and west of the city, we have pockets of pretty good rain. you can see most of the area still enduring some showers out there. the rain will be with us throu
of being president of the united states, i applaud colin for standing with him. >> governor sununu was loudly criticized today for those comments. owe imam ma campaign surrogate democratic new jersey mayor cory brooker has run into his own controversies for criticizing the obama's attack on bain capital. they said the comments were both dumb and unfortunate. >>> gaffes from the candidate that's legislation season could prove costly to the g.o.p. the reporter for the hill newspaper joins us now to live the potential problems ahead. cameron, thank you for joining us. todd akin's rape comment initially caused a firestorm but he's still hanging in there. is there a sense that will be the case with this latest comment from richard mourdock? >> my sense is the comment from mourdock is not as damaging as the comment from todd akin. akin has a long shot at this point. he has very little money. the national party has abandoned him. he will probably lose the race. the richard mourdock comment isn't as bad. it wasn't the pseudo science, the legitimate rape discussion. he was basically saying
a fire hazard. it affects millions of vehicles in the united states. fox's adam shapiro has details. >> reporter: toyota announcing a massive worldwide recall. it's the biggest callback ever for the japanese automaker, the company recalling about 7.5 million vehicles produced from 2005 through 2010 because of a faulty power window switch. toyota says this switch on the driver's side did not have grease applied evenly during production and it could cause friction and sometimes smoke. >> it's a large number of cars because it's a very simple part which is used in many models across the world. >> reporter: more than 200 problems have been reported in the united states. the recall affects about 2.5 million vehicles in north america. the models include the yaris, corolla, matrix, camry, rav4, highlander, tundra, sequoia, scion x5 and xd. >> we will simply apply top grease to make sure it will continue to work properly. if it's malfunctioning, we will replace the power switch. >> in the first half of 2012 toyota reclaimed its spot as the best selling automaker in the world but sales plu
. >> the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. >> michelle obama came here to the loudoun county fair grounds to rally the troops in this swing state at a time when her husband is slipping in the polls. >> it seems like you are fired up and ready to go, right? >> in 2008, barack obama won virginia by 235,000 votes. the first lady says that is as little as 100 votes per presixty. >> that precinct. >> a single vote in an apartment building. >> at this rally in loudoun county, there were four people who spoke before michelle obama and they were all women. you can bet that's no accident. >> the very first bill he signed into law as president was to make sure women get equal pay for equal work. >> lisa and her little daughter will be following the first lady's instructions by encouraging others to vote. >> we go to a reading group, all women, great time to talk to women about the issues of being a mom and how barack obama is pushing womens issues. >> there are so many signs that we are headed in the right direction. the stock market has doubled. housing prices are rising. the unem
of the first amendment in the united states and the judge upheld that in a ruling today and that is the correct way to go. >> metro spokesman said that the metro will comply with the order and the ads will go up this weekend. >>> more turbulence for american airlines. it's pulling 48 of the 757s to make repairs. after several seats came loose mid-air on three different flights and three different days. fifty flights were cancelled, 34 today and anna coinman tells us that the issue is having an impact across the country. >> reporter: multiple mid-air scares prompting the quick fix. the airline making headlines last week after seats pop loose on three different planes. american said this is the problem, the seat plunger mechanism and if the locking pin doesn't reset, the seats can come loose. american is adding an experimental saaa device under the mechanisms. more than 1,000 of them. >> we quickly came for the additional locking mechanism and adding another level of redundancy to make sure they're in place. >> reporter: american pulling 48757s to make repairs on them. the planes singled out beca
the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. lavar arringhate it.ate losing. but right now we're losing jobs and money for... our schools to casinos in other states like west virginia. question seven creates 12,000 jobs with a new resort casino... and expanded table games here, in maryland. we all win with question seven. new jobs. money for schools, and instead of marylanders... spending 550 million dollars in other states... it gets invested here. vote for question seven. for maryland. i'm on my way. could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. hurry in today. america runs on dunkin'. >>> hard to believe but election day is next tuesday. super storm sandy is throwing a bit of a curve ball. fox 5 joins us now and we're to talk about the affects and we're only a week away. what does it do to the campaign? >> well, it changes the travel schedule. we have a week to go and the president did not campaign yesterday
nationwide competition. this report is brought to you by toshiba. >> they came from all across the united states and canada with ideas ranging from new ways to treat cancer to shoulder pads that cool overheated football players. these kids took top honors at exploravision. it's a science competition sponsored by toshiba in partnership with the national science teachers association. >> when we started 20 years ago, we said, maybe this is something that kids can do that will engage them in science and math and engineering, and 20 years later, we continue to be absolutely thrilled with young people. >> and these little crystals here, they react to pressure. >> winners get scholarship money for themselves and tech equipment for their schools. >> too often, science is about "what did you learn?" and "what did you memorize?" and stuff. that's not what science is about. >> that's why toshiba exploravision stresses innovative thinking and problem solving. >> one of the things that really appeals to me about the exploravision competition, it is not, if i may, just science. it's engineering. you ha
care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. . >> the romney campaign finds itself once again being caught up in another republican candidates controversial comments on abortion. you may remember in august republican senate todd aken caused a stir when he said a woman could naturally stop a pregnancy if she was raped. this is coming out of indiana. >> the candidates stood by his comments today during a news conference about all of this. and it happened last night in indiana between the republican senate candidate richard and democrat joe donly. richard was answering a question about abortion in the case of rape and here was what he had to say. >> i believe life begins at conception. the only exception i have to have the abortion is in the case of the life of the mother. i struggled with it myself for a long time. but i came to realize life is a gift from god. and even when life begins in the horrible situation of
people, at least they know, thought the president of the united states would essentially fold his cards in the first debate. this was the shock to people. >> reporter: the latest some of them say a good deal is writing on the vice president's performance tonight. >> and that is why it's important that joe biden comes back and basically thwart all of the momentum that the ryan- romney ticket has. >> reporter: and that is despite new figures on the job front andd labor department reporting that tha339,000 americans were seeking jobs last week, lower in four years and 40,000 fewer than the previous week. at a campaign stop in florida, president obama took shots at his challenger, accusing mitt romney of performing an extreme makeover to woo voters while mitt romney was in north carolina today, visiting reverend billy graham and for decades making the gallop poll's list of most admired men. >> you can watch the presidential -- vice presidential debate here. and we want to hear from you let us know. >>> the u.s. named an interim successor to chris stevens. the state department announced topi
or does she make a bit of a left turn and come back into the northeastern united states, maybe up around new jersey or new england. i don't think that's going to happen but some of the guides are still showing that. it might be a weekend player for us. >>> all right, gary. the bay bridge back open after a propane spill shut it down. leaked on to the 330 at about -- after the closure, but the eastbound lanes reopened about 5:00 and the westbound lanes open about 20 minutes later. >>> the city council may take on the battle against big soda. but this proposal is a little different than the one in the big apple. we'll explain coming up. >>> and 5 deaths linked to a highly caffeinated energy drink. next, we're coming right back. as governor, i cut five b billion dollars in spendg and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to get things done. we were a great team in richmond and we'll be a great team in washington. i'm tim kaine and i approve this message ...because we'll work toge
. >> i think it's neat how the city almost encourages it, 'cause in the united states, graffiti is more of a -- it's kind of looked at as not an art form. but in prague, all over the city, it's accepted as an art, which i think is interesting. >> graffiti has a special place in the hearts of people here. under communism, speaking out against government was forbidden, so graffiti was a form of political protest. when john lennon was killed in 1980, young people again turned to graffiti. to them, lennon stood for peace and artistic freedom. writing on the wall helped them express their sadness over his death as well as their own yearning to be free. although the authorities tried to stop the graffiti, they couldn't. >> under communism, they'd paint it every night to squash the protesting, and it would be interesting because they would continue to come back every day and still write. >> now the czech republic is a free country. people can say and write what they want. the lennon wall has become a popular place where everyone, including reporters from "teen kids news," is welcome to leave t
the president of the united states call your dad a liar. how do you react to that? >> jump out of your seat and you want to rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him, but you know you can't do that, first, because there's a lot of secret service and it's the nature of the process. they're going to try to do everything they can to make my dad something he's not. we signed up for it. we have to take our punches and send them back the other way. >> during the interview he also talked about how nervous mitt romney gets before the debates. >>> there is another debate tonight in the race for the open virginia senate seat. former democratic governor tim kaine will face off against republican george allen. they've debated twice. tonight is at virginia tech and it starts at 7:00. >>> you decide 2012 will focus on local and national candidates and issues during the final two weeks of the campaign. it starts monday at 6:30 p.m. here on fox 5. >>> let's take a look at more of our top local stories now. a person was killed early this morning as they walked along route one in alexandria. this
at least most of the eastern united states and today new jersey governor chris christie called it devastating beyond anything he ever thought he'd say. we can all agree on this. there's a whole lot of work to do in the days ahead. >> reporter: point pleasant beach one of many seaside communities up and down the new jersey shore that saw extensive damages from hurricane sandy as it blasted ashore. hurricane avenue is now covered in sand and debris. this is just one of many communities now dealing with the aftermath of this powerful storm. >> the level of devastation at the jersey shore is unthinkable. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie is stunned by the extent of devastation in his state. the familiar atlantic city boardwalk is in shambles, entire neighborhoods washed over as search and rescue crews scoop up stranded residents by the boat load and crews working around the clock to clear out debris fields that are 7 feet high in some places. >> i anticipated last night given the nature of the winds and the rain we'd be pretty bad. i didn't expect it to be that bad.
. this could help the ipad compete with the kindle fire. no. 4, the pentagon says the united states is at higher risk of a cyber attack. defense secretary leon panetta said today an online attack could cause significant damage and he's urging lawmakers to pass cyber security legislation. no. 3, the fda is given the green light for a new autism trial study. they could use the blood from a child's own umbilical cord to help improve language and behavior in autistic children. even if results are positive, it could be a long time until the procedure is made available. no. 2, more trouble for american airlines, the airline cutting its flight schedule through the first half of november. it's all in response to an ongoing pilot dispute. the airline says pilots are calling in sick and there's very few engineers to handle the maintenance issues. american is cancelling about 31 flights a day and extending its reduced schedule from september and october. and no. 1, no surprise here, d.c. area drivers have the third worst commute in the country. tom-tom is behind the study. d.c. ranks behind lo
. they say quazi nafis only came to the united states to study business in college. we're also finding out he actually studied cyber security. >>> the boy scouts organization in hot water after thousands of pages of alleged child abuse are released. it contains information on about 5,000 people, mostly men, who were kicked out of the organization for suspected sexual abuse. the perversion files they call them details some 1200 cases of abuse spanning more than three dedes. the files first examined by the los angeles times show more than 50 cases of abuse concerned scout leaders in the d.c. region. >>> president obama is back in battleground virginia today. he's making another appearance at george mason university later this morning at the rally in fairfax. the president is expected to outline the choice facing americans in the presidential election. >>> we have a traffic alert from virginia police related to that. as george mason prepares for the visit and another big event happening today. from 10:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon, any vehicle larger than an suv will be detoured off
policy with the consulate attack in libya and the united states dealings with iran expected to take center stage. >>> and we want your take on tonight's debate. please share your thoughts with us on twitter. use the hash tag fox 5 you decide. we'll use some of those tweets as part of our special coverage as election day draws nearer. fox 5 news end you decide 2012 will focus on local and national candidates and issues. >>> starting turkd voters in d.c. can cast their ballots. >> early -- starting today, voters in d.c. can cast their ballots. >> you can vote at an early voting center in d.c. regardless of where you live. the early voting locations will be open now until november 3rd but will be closed on sundays. there is a full list of locations on myfoxdc.com. >>> new this monday morning, a new search for clues into the murder of a teenager in prince george's county. 18-year-old marckel ross was shot and killed while walking to school along central avenue in capitol heights last month. now, police hit the streets this morning to talk with commuters and pedestrians in that area. of
military veterans in the united states. >> coming up, how the home depot is helping thousands of them find jobs. we will talk about the manager about up coming career workshops straight ahead. we had a g good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> 9:13. welcome back. the majority of service members returning from iraq and afghanistan saying finding a new career is one of the biggest challenges. companies have started combat to career initiatives designed to help this new generation of vets. this weekend the home depot will hold two workshops called mission transition. joining us now is alison she's the disstrakt manager. thanks for coming in. good to see you.
us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. . >>> look at that. the idea is to get to you look twice. two miles worth of bras have been strung together and they cover the front of hotel donaldson in fargo, north dakota. here is the story. it is all an attempt to promote breast cancer awareness. the owner hopes it will make people stop and take a moment to think about the severity of the disease. the hotel also hosted a fundraiser for the american cancer society. i imagine that would get you to look twice. >> some of us will be head tog haunted house for halloween. >> did you know that sharing fear can abby healthy experience? i didn't know that. all right. we have a report on the benefits of of our halloween rituals. >> reporter: in health work, 'tis the season to scare and be scared. the question is why do we do it to ourselves? let's get become to halloween 2010. for me, memories are still raw. >> my heart is racing. i'm starting to swe
this unauthorized leak of sensitive selective information from the igs report is unfair to the united states secret service and the director mark sullivan. both have served our nation honorably and ably for a long time and deserve the benefit of a presumption of innocence unless real evidence leads to a deaf rip conclusion. so far, the secret service has not publicly responded to senator johnson's memo. in washington, peter deucey, fox news. >>> today marks one year since moa mar cagave -- gaddafi was captured and killed. there is word on another capture of a former libyan official. >> and more on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> reporter: a sign of the unsettled nature of things here in libya and we're getting confirmation the former spokesperson for gaddafi was captured. he's been on the run for more than a year and they caught him at tripoli. we were sot scene shortly after gaddafi was captured and killed one year ago. and there is some -- against those among them involved and as we talk to people here, there is happiness still and reservations, especially about security. a good example, the
family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >>> today begins the online lottery for the free tickets to the 9 onth annual christmas tree lighting care moanive the hotly opens at 10:00 a.m. and goes until monday. there are 3,000 sitting tickets and 14,000 standing tick it is available for this. winners of the ticket lottery will be notified on november 1st. this year, the ceremony is on december 6th. >> of a he done that once but not here. in new york, i went to new york. >> that was fun. >> it was cold. i'll never do that again. it was over the top. it was extremely cold. we were like the christmas tree and we were like, it's time to go. >> i think you can watch that event on tv. >> that is what i've been doing. >> there are ways around standing out there for hours. >> exactly. >> none of that weather around here yesterday. we had a record high temperature. we tied a record high temperature at reagan national. 84degrees.
going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. >>> there is already talk about oscar nominations for the stars of the new movie the sessions. >> although bed riden and near my immobile, he wanted to experience female companionship and love. >> i have to ask about the physical aspect. you use like a ball underneath your back. >> when you read in the script things like mark said he hasn't seen his private parts in 30 years. helen hunt's
the top standing right next to me. this is the eeu ambassador to the united states and the ambassador from the republic of cypress. good morning to boeing -- both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: thank you for coming out. when you have 27 european countries helping with this, it means they all think it's important. >> absolutely. i think this is our favorite initiative we do throughout the year, dealing with kids, and bringing european artists, it's a great operation. >> reporter: any time we deal with spirits it lifts our spirits. >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's aimed for kids ages 2 to 12. why do you think this exchange is important? >> engaging way to allow kids to discover the cultural diversity of europe. we have 27 countries, all have their own tradition and they bring it to the kids in an engaging and fun way. i think that's way to attract the interest of the kids. >> reporter: it's fun, because we have video of the puppet company that came out for us this morning. they're telling little red riding hood through their eyes. it's fun to see a story that we are f
.m., the united states supreme court hears arguments in the case of james clapper versus amnesty international. the case looks at the constitutionality of federal wiretapping laws. tuesday, october 30th at 11:00 a.m., the national press club hosts democratic campaign chairman congressman steve israel of new york and republican policy chairman congressman tom christ of georgia. they will speak about the status of the upcoming congressional elections. wednesday, october 31st at 10:00 a.m., the ceo of nastc speaks at the birthing in stewings on why the markets are still on the sidelines in this recovery and how a stable federal budget could change that. a new month starts thursday, november 1st, and at 4:00 p.m. at the library of congress, they will host a lecture by historian john witty, jr. on the spread of muslim law and what place faith-based laws have in western democracy. friday, on friday, november 2nd at 7:30 p.m., celebrating its 50th anniversary, the uso is handling its annual gala at the washington hilton, honoring the men and women of the u.s. military. jordan sparks will perform and
back and forth, tit for tat. he is the president of the united states. he is making these decisions. he didn't want to go down to that level. but when you are in a debate -- and he has not been in a debate for four years and mitt romney has on. he was a little shocked when mitt romney says i'm not cutting taxes by $5 trillion, he was like -- he didn't know quite what to do. >> romney may have been light on some specifics but could you not argue that he provided more specifics previously and even on the session had he street thing. it's being blown out of proportion to some extent because it's big bird and all of that. even on that issue, could you not say well, here is how he feels and he is not shrinking back from that just because jim lehrer was siting there. >> that was the whole point of it because jim was sitting there. poor jim lehrer, he was not much of a moderator to be blunt. but i think that what obama should have done was to say, which mitt romney am i debating here tonight? am i debating the mitt romney, you know, who was -- who wants to repeal our health care or am i debati
, the president of the united states has led with a steady hand and clear vision. governor romney, the opposite. the last thing we need now is another war. >> congressman ryan. >> we morelos of these four americans who were -- mourn the loss of these four americans who were murdered. it took the president two weeks to acknowledge this was a terrorist attack. he went to the un and in his speech he said six times, he talked about the youtube video. if we are hit by a terrorist, we'll call it for what it is, a terrorist attack. our ambassador in paris has a marine detachment writing him. should we not have a marine the tower -- the attachment guarding our ambassador in benghazi, a place where we knew there was a al qaeda cell with arms? this is becoming more troubling by the day. they're trying to blame date romney-brand to get for making this an issue. with respect to iraq, we have the same position before the withdrawal which was we agreed with the obama administration. the tab an agreement to make sure we secure our gains. -- let's have an agreement to make sure we secure our gains. he failed t
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